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On-line video has evolved to offer businesses the opportunity to bring their stories and ideas to life.

With over 25 years of crafting and grafting as a broadcast professional, I have learnt how to create engaging quality films for a fraction of the costs others would charge – simply because I combine conceptualising, filming and editing – all on my own kit (which has proven good enough to create films for Sony, HP, and FilmLight). So you pay for one person instead of ten. And equipment that doesn’t have to be hired in.

Click the Films tab above or click continue below to see a portfolio of crafted films that run the gamut all the way from Sony cinema cameras to George Cleverley shoes. Then let’s talk about what I could do for you.

Mike Saunders

Web Film Maker


The October Club’s 30th Anniversary 2017 :The MS Trust

For over 29 years The October Club have chosen a charity for which the funds raised will prove transformational. The Club’s goal to help innovative fledgling charities achieve that next level.

The annual fund-raising dinner was held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 at The Savoy. The charity now celebrating it’s 30th anniversary will be supporting The MS Trust. This film, ‘Brave and Determined’ looks at just three of the many sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis the trust helps everyday in Britain. The film was shown at the annual fundraising dinner as a way to raise funds and show how MS effects those that have it and the impact to their families and lives. The film was directed by Nick Crean and produced by Proper Gander.

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United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Design

A short film used on social media to explain why the National Holocaust Memorial is important for society today. The UK government is holding a public consultation to help choose a design that best shows a statement of our national values in the heart of Westminster.

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artbeat presents, Neon: The Charged Line

Britain’s biggest exhibition of neon art was recently hosted by Blackpool’s Grundy Gallery. ‘Neon: The Charged Line’ brought together a wide assortment of neon art, showcasing the striking beauty of neon when used as an art form.’s illuminating film explores the love affair artists have with neon. It was filmed in Blackpool and at a neon workshop in Wakefield, Yorkshire.


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artbeat presents: Being Richard DeDomenici.

The performance artist and exhibitionist Richard DeDomenici takes a look back at his work over the last 10 years. He says his work causes uncertainty that leads to possibility.

Richard explains what The Redux Project is about and how the success of the project has meant Richard has now made over 60 ‘Redux’ films, from Superman 4 shot in Milton Keynes to The Matrix filmed in Sydney.

To find out more about Richard DeDomenici, visit

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World Class : Cape Town 2015

World Class, Diago’s best barman in the world 2015 competition needed a sense of place to insert into their TV show and for the web films. Diversity, colour, produce and a sense of the surrounding beauty was the brief.

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The Courtauld Institute of Art: Doctoral Docs

The Courtauld Institute of Art’s new website  needs to demonstrate the diversity of their PhD student’s research. A competition was held for a selection of the students work to be filmed. Doctoral Docs are a series of 3-4 minute films showcasing the student’s thesis.

Edwin Coomasaru PhD Candiadate: Northern Irish Masculinities and the Legacy of the ‘Troubles’.

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Mercedes-Benz W123. The finest saloon car of the 20th Century?

Mark Cosovich has been “busting his knuckles” on Mercedes-Benz W123 series cars, repairing them and painstakingly restoring them like new for nearly 30 years. Mark has written a comprehensive book on the W123 with Martin Buckley a well known car journalist and author of classic car books. This film explains why these cars are worth a book and adds weight to their claim that these cars are the finest saloon car of the 20th Century.

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Piper HEIDSEICK Regis Camus ” Le Tour De Piper”

One of the oldest Houses in Champagne is the legendary Piper- Heidsieck. Their Headwine maker Régis Camus has been crowned winemaker of the year by the International Wine Challenge eight times.
Piper Heidseick wanted to record his London press launch events and for him to talk about his mission.

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The Producers Stunt UKIP Conference

Adam Spiegel Productions asked Taylor Herring to launch the new touring stage of The Producers with a bang.
The Idea: Upstage the opening morning of the UKIP Party conference with dancing ‘Nazis’ and a 16 tonne World War II tank.
This film was made to show the media impact and to record the making of the stunt.

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FilmLight USA testimonial film

FilmLight wanted to show how they value their relationship with their customers from around the world. Their satisfied U.S. customers make for a convincing advert for this great British company.

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For The Love Israel: UJIA Campaign Film 2014

The UJIA Britain’s leading Jewish charity needed a film that engaged on an emotional level and show their good work to their donators.

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First Impressions of the Sony F65

Sony Broadcast Europe needed to demonstrate their flagship cinematography camera the F65 to the film industry. The film appeared at their cinema at trade shows and on their website. This film is about the making of a short film using the camera and the impressions of some of the most respected cinematographers in Europe.

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A Look at Flip with Grundy UFA Berlin

A case study looking at the way Grundy UFA Berlin have successfully pioneered FilmLight’s Flip technology. The guys from Grundy explain how this technology has enabled efficiency savings and streamlined the production of Germany’s most sucessful TV novellas. They also talk about how Flip has transformed the look of their TV soaps into polished and gritty daily drama series.

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A Look at Coronation Street

A case-study for FilmLight looking at Coronation Street the longest running drama TV show in the world and how they use FilmLight’s colour technology.
“Corrie” built a new production centre in 2014 and deployed Baselight and Baselight for Avid to colour grade and speed-up work-flows for Britain’s most sucessful TV show.

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Sony Trimaster OLED Monitor

Sony Professional needed to show their pioneering flat-screen reference monitor designed for the Film and TV industry. Some of Europe’s top creative people in the industry explain how this super high-end monitor has changed the way we see digital film pictures in the professional domain.

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FilmLight’s Case Study: Box Studios NY

Pascal Dangin’s legendary New York based Box Studios became famous for scanning and photographic retouching for some of the worlds top photographers. Dangin the image maker and innovator moved the studios into motion pictures creating looks for commercials and movies from Prada to Madonna’s latest film W.E. using NorthLight and BaseLight, high-end post-production products from FilmLight. A short film that lifts the lid of Box for a rare glimpse of what is inside.

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FilmLight Testimonial Film

FilmLight wanted to make a film that demonstrated their relationship with their European client base and to show their world beating technology is appreciated by their loyal customers.

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Anthony Stern Glass London

The famous London based glass artist tells his story on his website.

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Sony FS100 Launch Film. You Talked We Listened

Sony manufactured an all new video camera within 9 months of talking to a select bunch of British DSLR shooters. A design meeting took place with the Sony Japanese designers and together with their customers, specified a big sensor real video camera. This was the first time that Sony let their customers design a product the way they wanted it. The FS100 became big seller as the pictures look sharp and like film and not like video. I’m pictured next to my FS100 camera in the contact section. FilmLight’s; ‘A look at Flip’ film (4 films above) was shot using the FS100.

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FilmLight Blackboard 2. “Ergonomic”

FilmLight commissioned a campaign of ads to play on their website and at trade exhibitions featuring their new product Blackboard 2. The company wanted these ads to feel like TV ads but made on a tight budget. Three films were made for a fraction of what it would have cost had FilmLight walked through the front door of an ad-agency. Click on below the link to see all the films on FilmLight’s site.

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George Cleverley shoes

A home page video for the Mayfair bespoke shoe makers. I hope I have done them proud as these guys are flying the flag for London’s top craftsman.

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Mike Saunders Film Editor Showreel

My showreel as film and TV editor. I built up a track record of working on some landmark programmes. Here are some excerpts of the films I am most proud of.

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